Qatar Embassy Attestation in india

Document Attestation Procedure for Qatar

Embassy attestation is a process by which the Indian embassy in Qatar attests to the certificates issued by the Indian authorities. This service is offered to the residents of Qatar who wish to get their certificates attested for use in Qatar. The embassy attestation service is offered for various certificates, including educational, marital, and medical certificates.

The process of embassy attestation begins with the submission of the original certificate at the embassy. The embassy then verifies the certificate and its authenticity. Once it is verified, the embassy issues an attestation stamp on the certificate. The final step is to get the certificate translated into Arabic if required.

Qatar Embassy in India provides attestation services for documents to be used in Qatar. The attestation procedure is as follows:

1. A Notary Public in India first notarizes the document.

2. The document is then authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India.

3. The document is then attested by the Qatar Embassy in New Delhi, India.


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